Sunday, October 30, 2005

Chapter Five

Rage, rage against the dark.

Rage into the darkness.

Curse whatever is out there - even God.

Curse the pain - and curse Him who could take it away but withholds His cure.

Curse the sorrow - and Him who could comfort but will not hold us.

Curse the hopelessness - and Him who is hope for not showing His face.

Curse the dark future - and Him who is light but refuses to illuminate the horizons of our remaining years.

Rage into the night of your sorrows and despair. Know He is there, listening, hearing - fear Him not.

I fear more what the dark holds without Him in it than I do His anger.

I fear more raging into a darkness that conceals no God than cursing into a darkness that may indeed hide a God who may listen and hear the pain beneath my cursing -

Therein is at least the hope for compassion, whether it comes or not, because finally, hope is at the bottom of the rage.


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Very nicely written.

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